Friday, January 23

a new word

Fridays are always the longest day of my week as I spend the day correcting schoolwork. Even if I do bits and pieces of the correcting through the week thinking that will make it easier on Friday, it still ends up being a long day. LONG.

It seems that this school year my *putterer* always seems to be the last one corrected on Fridays and it also seems that it ends up happening AFTER supper when I'm really getting tired of sitting and doing corrections.

Why? I dunno. Perhaps to give me something to smile about at the end of the day?

For you see, the blanks in every quiz and test this child takes are always filled. Yup. It always looks good when I look over the papers UNTIL I start looking closer and realize the *putterer* just didn't feel like looking up some answers. I find this particularly on questions in science or history quizzes/tests when names of politicians, movie stars, or Bible characters are filled in for some answers.

Tonight was a fine example and on an unexpected subject....literature.

The question read like this:

____________ is the use of words that express something contrary to their literal meaning.

The answer, of course, was prefiberal.

Yup, now my *putterer* is making up creative words! I honestly did laugh out loud when I read it. Prefiberal?!

And the correct answer is ____________?

I'd offer the correct commenter a prize, but I'm too tired to think of what I could offer. Perhaps a candy bar?

Enjoy the little bit of Friday that is left!

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ChiGirl said...

I would say this was *IRONIC*...but I know your putterer, and instead had a good chuckle right along with you. Man, at the *IRONY* of these sentences!

:-P ~ ~ ~

(and I don't want any candy--what's the use of getting up at 5:30 if I'm gonna blow it on some candy?!?)

mom said...

:::::ding ding ding ding ding:::::

And your answer is correct! And no, I won't send you a candy bar because I refuse to sabotage all your awesome 5:30 AM visits to Lucky's place!

Love you!

theArthurClan said...

What a great answer ~ it sounds so...intelligent. :) That's so funny!

Sue said...

Well, this one got a laugh-out-loud chuckle from me. My first thought was "Prefiberal? I never heard of that - I better look it up" Then I realized it was "putterer's" answer. He got me :)

His distant cousin, my 17 yr. old homeschooled grandson, lives here - & is ever still the putterer - think he always will be. Must be in the jeans, ah, I mean genes :)

Thanks for sharing - I loved it!

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