Friday, January 16

not normalcy

After getting back into a routine last week and feeling like life was returning to normalcy, we hit this week which has been the weirdest, wackiest, craziest, strangest kind of week in a long time. Perhaps it was the fact that I was sick and not used to that total down and out feeling plus needing to take care of others that were sick, too. Or the fact that the girls auditioned for a play, got parts, and we've not only been doing some running for the practices but also had the bonus of listening to a variety of lines and songs during the day as they've been enjoying this extra activity? Or maybe this extended subzero weather day after day has been the culprit along with its accomplice a full moon? Or could it be the preparations for a crew stopping through for supplies as they head further north into the deeper tundra leaving behind a sweet granddaughter for the weekend?

I dunno. I guess I'll just keep going through the motions of trying to catch up and keep up until life settles back into normalcy. Whatever that is....

May your day have a bit of normalcy! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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