Wednesday, January 28

only a dress?

Some may think this is only a dress. A typical flower girl dress. But I'm here to tell you that it is MUCH more special than that!

Five and a half years ago this dress was worn by my then youngest daughter for the wedding of our oldest son. It was the match to the dress of the other flower girl who was the next daughter in line. At the time, those two dresses seemed like quite an investment for a one time event.

Wait a minute! Those dresses were both worn again by my two youngest daughters when their oldest sister got married two years ago this coming spring.

Okay, so those dresses got two wearings making the investment a bit sweeter.

Wait a minute! One of the dresses was worn again for flower girl purposes by my granddaughter who was chosen as part of a wedding party last fall. It's fun to think that she wore a dress that was worn in her parents' wedding.

And I'm thinking that these two dresses have the possibility of more wearings in the future as there are bound to be more weddings in our family....and no, this isn't an announcement of an upcoming wedding in our family! LOL!

Guess those flower girls dresses weren't such a bad investment after all, eh?

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Tina said...

She is SO cute in that dress! It will be fun to see how it is used again :)

theArthurClan said...

My daughter was the flower girl in my brother's wedding. She never wore it again for a wedding, but she wore the heck out of it by wearing it around our home everyday. She loved it and it was fun to see her get all dressed up each day. :)

Your photo is just beautiful.

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