Monday, January 5

simple woman's daybook for January 5

For today January 5

Outside my window.....
it was a crisp 15 degrees BELOW ZERO when I got up and the skies are blue promising a sunny day later.

I am thinking.....
about a variety of things. Since all those things are still swirling around in my mind it would be impossible to write them out here!

I am thankful for.....
a warm spot in the house to write this!

From the learning rooms.....we are going to attempt to get back on track for the long stretch ahead of schooling through the winter months. Some incentive will come as we begin going past the halfway point in books. I do know the reality of how hard it is to get back into the routine after a holiday vacation stretch of no routine :::sigh:::

From the kitchen.....
I'm thinking about a big pot of chili for tomorrow!

I am wearing.....a long sleeved peach colored shirt and a denim jumper with warm fuzzy socks.

I am creating.....hmmm, that is part of my pondering above. What to start on first? I think the priority will be the two babies quilts. Of course, no sewing will be done until my sewing machine is done getting cleaned and checked at the repair shop.

I am going.....hopefully only to AWANA Club tonight.

I am reading.....well, actually I'm re-reading Crazy Love which I had read in December.

I am hoping.....for a productive day ahead!

I am husband getting dressed and ready to head out to his work garage. Otherwise it's still pretty quiet as the children catch up on sleep which was lost during the holidays.

Around the house.....we still have too much Christmas lingering! Away with you!

One of my favorite things....
is thinking about my grandbabies and their sweet unrehearsed smiles.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....
we'll get going on our schooling, the Christmas tree will get undecorated and taken out of the house, all the Christmas decorations scattered around the house will get boxed up and put away, laundry will get caught up, and the girls bedroom disaster will get worked on getting cleaned.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

This is a view of the two aprons I had sewn for Christmas gifts. It was a new pattern (yes, I did go :::THUD::: when I saw the price on the pattern!) and after sewing two I have a better idea of how I would change the patterns as there were things I didn't like about it. They are rather girly with the ruffles!

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The Arthur Clan said...

We have not taken down any of our Christmas things yet Tammy. It's so overwhelming to even think about!

mom said...

Yes, overwhelming to think about and even more overwhelming to actually do! Yikes! Our tree is down and out of the house tonight....YAY! But I'm still in the process of collecting and packing all the miscellaneous which will hopefully be done tomorrow :-)

Tammy ~@~

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