Friday, January 23

sunshine SONshine

Ohhhh, I just do not do well with the cloudiness of winter. Day after day of cloud filled skies. At least when we get a flurry of snow there is beauty outside our windows, but the GRAY. THE GRAY!

Then one day the sun will peek out and I kept getting drawn into my bedroom with the big picture window on the south side of the house! Mmmmm! Sun! The beautiful warm life giving sun! Truly, it makes me want to stretch out on the floor in front of the window to soak it all in. And I probably could if there was room. The dogs and cats also gravitate to that very spot on sunny days :-)

And sometimes life gets busy and quiet times get squeezed more than normal. There is a spiritual grayness that starts covering your life. Oh, those little quiet times hold a bit of beauty, but the GRAY. THE GRAY!

Then one day the SON shines into your life as He draws you into the Word more deeply with a rare extended time spent with Him. You long to soak in every bit! Mmmmm! The SON! The beautiful heart warming life giving SON!

This time of the winter my heart starts longing for more of both....the sunshine and the SONshine. Too many days stuck indoors with everyone on long gray cold days. No place to escape for extended times in God's Word as we are all here for 24/7 stretches of time.


Yet I know that God knows the desires of my heart and I'm confident He will provide long moments of SONshine when I least expect it. Not only am I looking forward to that, but also perhaps an unexpected peek or two of sunshine coming through my bedroom window. Mmmmm!

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theArthurClan said...

Beautiful, sunny post on a very dreary, gray day here in Ohio. :) Thanks for spreading some happiness today!

Letitia said...

What a great post. So true. Thanks for sharing it.
I have not tried FB Scrabble yet. My addiction is PathWords!! Sometimes I go to bed at night making words in a path in my head. LOL.

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