Tuesday, January 6

surviving the distractions

Everyone who survived the first day back to reality after the holidays, please raise your hand!


Sometimes I think mothers need more survival tactics than they use on the reality show "Survivor"!

Actually, it felt good to start our morning around the table with devotions and to see the kids begin their studies without much prompting. It's a nice season to be transitioning into of having our family scale weigh more toward older children than younger children. They know the routine. The expectations. The rules.

Then there's Little Lovey.

She's not quite there yet.

Typically she's the first one I work with after our morning devotions. We've been doing it that way for the first half of the year. That's been the routine. The expectation. The rule.

So while I was helping everyone else as they were getting started yesterday morning, Little Lovey disappeared into her land of play. When I looked around the house to find her, then I got distracted by some Christmas decorations in the living room and began putting those away. Once done with that area, I again went to find her - she was actually in the kitchen and close to where her school things are stored - and then I got distracted and started collecting all the Christmas dishes to put away. When that task was done, she was gone again! We played that cat and mouse game most of the day until finally the cat caught the mouse and we did her schooling shortly before 3 PM. Once again I was reminded that my littles work better in the morning :-)

I can't really blame the mouse since the cat was so distracted all day as well.

On to day two after the holidays with hopes that the cat and mouse do better today!

Tammy ~@~


theArthurClan said...

That's really cute Tammy. It's nice though because you still got your work finished and her schooling finished and she got to have some extra play-time in there as well. :) I'll bet she was very happy about that.

Charlene said...

I'm raising my hand as having made it through day 1 of back to school! Day 2 is in progress - I'm guessing we are all gonna make it through!

Heasleye said...

I'm way too good at being distracted and not getting school done! And I've only got the one kiddo! Yikes! This is my week to get organized and it hasn't happened yet.

Mrs. E. said...

I'm happy to have survived day 2 which went much much better than day #1. Still so much Christmas clutter to be put away. One day.

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