Thursday, January 22

thankfully walking

Early this morning when I was headed out the door, it was with thankfulness that I walked to my car. What a blessing it is to have our local high school open their doors early to those in our community who enjoy walking or running on their fieldhouse track as well a jogging through the hallways. It is especially a blessing during the midst of winter as we live in an area where there are no sidewalks. To go walking on the icy backroads would be risky as there is no where to go when cars come by unless you want to leap onto a snowbank! Okay, my dogs or kids would probably love that, but not me!

Early this morning when I parked in the high school parking lot, I added another thought of thankfulness which was that the high school is only about a five minute or so drive from home. For as I grabbed my water bottle to go inside, I realized I had forgotten my walking shoes! YIKES! There was no way I could walk in my clunky heavy winter boots! So, I quickly made my way back home, grabbed my shoes, and headed back into town. A third reason to be thankful was that I had woken up earlier than usual and was about fifteen minutes ahead of my normal walking time, so that means I was actually ON time and hadn't caused myself to fall behind on the start to my day. Whew!

May your heart find things to be thankful today!

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Denise said...

Bless you dear.

Lori said...

I pray you had a wonderful time of walking, I am glad I am not the only one who forgets important things, ha! Have a wonderful day, stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Great post, and how true. I am happy you have a safe place to walk, and way to go for walking!!!

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