Wednesday, February 25

but who's counting????

One of the enjoyments of my internet vegging time is to visit the blogs of talented photographers because they're talented and I'm not! They have a skill which does not come naturally to me - just ask my family members about some of the pictures I've taken through the years! - and I greatly admire the creativity and gift they possess.

The other day I stopped by Know Myself to see what new pictures Elaine had up on her site. I was immediately touched by the picture of sweet grandparents who had been married almost 70 years and the recent loss of grandpa at the age of 92 years. What caught my interest as I read Elaine's post was that they had raised a family of nine children. And what caught my interest even MORE was the family picture with eight of the nine children as well as grandchildren and great grandchildren. I could not take my eyes away from the picture as I considered the enormity of how the generations had multiplied and were still multiplying!

It immediately took me back to all the round about conversations my children have had through the years about future children. It's a game they play - which I consider part of math since it's multiplication - "What if we each had five children? There's be 45 grandchildren some day!" OR "What if we each had nine children like mom? There'd be 81 grandchildren someday!" AND "Imagine how many great-grandchildren there'd be someday if each grandchild had nine children!" The numbers become staggering as their imaginations multiply! And it's been fun to follow the email conversations among my older ones once I sent them the link. Let's just say their imaginations are still vivid! LOL!

You know, it's only been a process of imagination until I saw Elaine's family picture and suddenly it became real. Someday we could have a REALLY BIG FAMILY! I mean, REALLY BIG! My mind went whirling! I'm already behind on grandbaby quilts. YIKES! How will I ever keep up with that many grandbabies? Where will everyone sleep when they come for Christmas? How many tents could we set up in the field in the summer? How will we all eat? Will we have to set up a food tent outdoors? How will I keep all those names straight? Will my husband and I be able to schedule that many trips to visit everyone and go to grandchildren's activities? Can my heart really stretch that much to love each one completely and fully?

Ahhh yes, plenty to ponder. It makes me thankful to know that our family will grow at a pace that God will provide abundant grace and wisdom just as I need it. And the reality of the picture was also the reality to a call of prayer for future generations that will come from my husband and I. That they, too, may know, accept, and love the Savior who lived, loved, and died for them! Because someday I want to meet each one in heaven!

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Letitia said...

Fun things to contemplate. I wonder about all of those "will I's", and I only have 4 children. I want to be a special grandma who is known for her love, and I want to know my grandchildren individually. But, I'm guessing God will work out the details. LOL. Just like he does when we're having our 2nd child, and we are afraid we will never be able to love another one like we love the first one!

theArthurClan said...

Your post made me smile because it brought back memories from when I was a little girl. We had five kids in our family and we always played that counting game too. :)

What a blessing your children are going to be to you Tammy...I can't even imagine the impact they will make for Christ even 100 years from now.

Tina said...

Funny, I thought of your family when I saw that picture :) It made me smile.
He he. . that IS a lot of quilts and a lot to ponder :) You are so blessed and they are blessed to have you.

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