Tuesday, February 24

fine tuning seventeen

It's happening again! A birthday in our house today! Actually, our family has three February birthdays as a grandson was also born in this grand short month.

It is one of those birthdays that I've learned to take a deep breath with as we celebrate.


As a parent you realize this is the last big year you anticipate your child to be at home. Other opportunities begin knocking at eighteen and they are anxious to test the waters. There's so much you want to be sure they learn and know in this final year - and it's always overwhelming if you take too much time pondering it - yet at the same time and having gone through *seventeen* four times already, I've come to know that most of their foundation was firmly laid in the early years and this final year is the fine tuning. Besides, they are at the age where they pretty know everything *wink* and will learn the most through mistakes of their own in the days ahead.

Acknowledging all of that leads to a heartfelt prayer that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide me with wisdom AND give this son a teachable heart in the areas which he does need to fine tune. I have no doubt that God will fine tune us both in the days ahead!

Happy birthday to my son in the middle!

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theArthurClan said...

March is the crazy birthday month is our household. Seems like one birthday after another!

What a wonderfully exciting time this is for your son. God bless you both as you prepare for the time when he will begin to spread his wings even more. Happy Birthday to him!

Karen said...

I'm right there with you with our boy turning seventeen last Friday. And today, as I spoke with his history teacher over some grade issues, I think we still have soooo far to go. sigh.

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