Wednesday, February 11

like a piece of candy

"Say the word 'daughter' slowly, prolong its gentle sound. Notice the way it lingers on the tongue like a piece of candy." ~ Paul Engle

It's been a week of sweet distractions which keeps me away from my computer. My oldest daughter and little granddaughter have been here while back at their home baby proofing and house finishing projects are worked on by the man of the house.

There is no doubt in my mind that I absolutely love having my oldest daughter around to hang out with all day long. The only way it would be even sweeter is if my daughter-in-love were here, too!

Truly, it is such a treat to chit chat all day long about every topic possible. The downside is that when I come here to blog I find that I have nothing to say! LOL! Hopefully I'll be able to think better next week after she's left!

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to enjoy these sweet distractions of conversation and baby holding, although I'll have to find the willpower of a giant to avoid the things around the kitchen that feed the sweet tooth of this oldest daughter. YIKES! There's many desserts being baked this week. No wonder she's so sweet! :-)

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Mrs. E. said...

And yet she stays so little. Just how does she do that? What a fun week for you!

mom said...

I think it probably helps to have a baby who is on the frequent eater 24/7 plan to burn away all those calories!

Tammy ~@~

Luke said...

[smile] ...though it is a sweet-sadness: I want my kids! [aaarughhh]

Sorry. Sounds wonderful, and I'm just feeling a tad jealous [smile].


My Journey said...

As a grown daughter, I can say I absolutely LOVE being with my mom and miss the time when we all had to move in with my parents. It was a great time to be with them daily and for my boys to get to know them. I'm so grateful they only live 1/2 hour away.

mom said...

{{{Luke}}} Still praying for you!

Carolina, how very sweet! You must be a wonderful blessing to your mom :-)

Tammy ~@~

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