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new fangled reading

It's not a surprise that an early morning distraction totally changed what I was going to write about today.....

When I went to Curves, the ladies were talking about books they were reading. Ahhh, books! One of my favorite topics!

The tech was trying to figure out a situation in a mystery book and then offered to read us the section from the book. Only it wasn't really a book she was holding in her hands, but a Kindle.

Have you heard about them? The newest technology gadget about to rock our world like the iPod or iPhone or the "insert the name of some other newer technology item which I'm totally clueless about".

When I was done working out, she took a few minutes and showed me around her Kindle which she simply loves to use. Quite amazing. Really. Talk about revolutionizing reading as we know it! And the newer version is set to be released in less than a week. Check out Kindle 2 which is even more streamlined, faster, abundantly full of storage, and improved in other ways as well.

As I drove home, I thought about how many books we have in our household. Shelves all over the house are full. Books are stacked on the floors, on desks, on bed headboards. They are everywhere!

Imagine eliminating all those books and accessing them in such a simple device. My house would be so much cleaner. I could get rid of all those bookshelves and have more space. I wouldn't have to worry about losing a favorite book. Or someone eating ice cream while reading and dribbling on the pages (ya, that would probably be ME!)


The whole thing leaves me with one thought.


Having loved reading since I began as a child, I cannot imagine reading without the pleasure of holding the book in my hand. Browsing through the pages of a new book I'm considering to read. Scanning through the pages of the newspaper. Strolling through the aisles of a library. Browsing in a book store. Smiling at the illustrations in a children's book.

Call me old fashioned and a fuddy duddy, but I'll just stick with books the way I know them. My kids and grandkids will know there's always a book or two to read on our shelves. The stack of books next to my bed will not go away. And the Hannah Coulter book I recently received as a blessing in the mail from a fellow blogger will be re-read and gently marked with a pencil as I find my favorite parts.

As the technology of the world leaves me in its dust, you'll find me in my favorite chair by the fire enjoying the pleasure of a good book that I pulled off the bookshelf and delightfully Iinger on the words as I turn the pages by hand...

May you be blessed by reading in your garden whether it be the old fashioned way or with the technology found today in the Kindle!

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Luke said...

I'm very interested in the Kindle and what role it eventually plays. I don't think it's going to ever replace printed pages (at least, not in it's current form), and I agree that there is something about it that requires a different reading mindset going in. It is not for those who are perusing a book, or looking for a particular passage/section to read again.

I can see how it will be very effective for certain types of reading, though. And so I'm excited to see how it all plays out... and I'm very interested in how the technology improves. I wasn't impressed with the first Kindle at all, but the Kindle2 is starting to sound more viable...


mom said...

Excellent points, Luke!

I find it interesting as I'm thinking about your comments how it could impact homeschooling and education in general. WOW, eh?

And there's no doubt the younger generation will easily grasp the whole Kindle concept which is another cool thing to ponder.

Tammy ~@~

Heasleye said...

The idea of clearing the bookshelves is not appealing to me either, but I can see how the Kindle could be very useful for travelers and/or commuters. My husband constantly has multiple books going as he reads nearly 60 books a year. It could be nice to have multiple books in one compact gizmo that could be easily carried anywhere. I see it as a convenience item, not a replacement item. Holding a book in hand in a comfy chair by the fire can never be replaced!

Angela said...

How funny! I have a kindle on my dream wish list, lol! Of course I couldn't replace my books but it would be nice to read magazines, and i think you can even read BLOGS on them-wouldn't that be wonderful? I have been so behind on catching up with blogs and people lately, so busy! Thanks for checking on me-been doing okay.

The first year being gone has brought some pain relief but of course there are still really hard days or moments. Judy's b-day was Feb 12th and once again it was harder then I thought it would be and recently I had one evening where I just cried all evening but there are a LOT more good days and for that I am thankful!

Hope you are doing well, I bet you can't wait to get back in the garden.


Dot O said...

Tammy, I'll have to go to the link to see what a Kindle is but I too cannot imagine doing away with books - which you can take absolutely anywhere with you at any time. And, one of my favorite places in the world is a library where there are lots of people, all speaking in hushed tones perusing the shelves in search of just the right book.

I have to go and see what this new fangled thing is!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - It's always good to see you.

Karen said...

I can't ever imagine giving up books. I love the feel of the pages beneath my fingers. I love the comfort of carrying one with me everywhere I go. I love the excitement of seeing new titles from favorite authors. Maybe someday I'll go a different route, but can you imagine not holding your Bible as you read it? I love the feel of the leather and the onion skin pages and the whole nine yards!

theArthurClan said...

I first saw Kindle on Amazon about 6 months (or so) ago and thought it looked awesome, but it was so expensive. I am so sick of the book clutter around here that I thought it would be wonderful for that.

I can see you point about it not being the same as being wrapped up in a blanket by the fire reading your favorite book. I would miss that part of it very much!

ValleyGirl said...

I'm with you ~ gimme an old-fashioned book with REAL pages any day!!

mom said...

Glad there's a few of us old fashioned book readers left around here yet! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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