Friday, February 13

talking heads

Each morning this week I have been able to get a post started, but it never ever gets finished. Wonderful sweet distractions which send my posts back to the draft folder for another day.

But just in case you thought I've spent the week fooling around holding a baby all the time, I'm here to prove you wrong. I've been busy working and today was no different. After school corrections were done, we began an important project. A very important project, I might add. For I've been frustrated with a large Rubbermaid container in the girls room which is impossible to get the lid on anymore. And today we dumped it out on the kitchen floor.

Barbie things everywhere! YIKES! We sorted the items into piles - furniture, shoes, clothes, heads, bodies, complete Barbies, animals, kitchen - and then began the pile of broken and discarded items.

In the pile were the following Barbie heads......

My oldest daughter recognized a couple that were most likely hers at one time and had been left behind in the collection in case there were ever younger sisters.

As I placed them out for a picture, I had to smile. Boy, would these Barbies ever have a LOT of stories to tell if they could talk! Not only have they lived through adventures in the girls bedroom, but they've even done some traveling their day. The clothing they've seen has ranged from brand new gowns to mom's old Barbie clothes to scraps of fabric made into dresses held together by tape. They've been lost found tubbed and driven all over the place in their cars. And the hair styles have been dramatic. Ahhh, yes, the life of a Barbie :-)

On to the next project.......

Tammy ~@~


Dot O said...

Oh my, that's quite a photo. I like it, though, in a creepy, horror movie kind of way!

Great shot Tammy!

ChiGirl said...

Yah, this is kind of a creepy picture, Mom. Especially how all the Barbies have Ken surrounded... (Cue the Twilight Zone music) do dee do do, do dee do do... LOL!

mom said...

LOL! I had to get a bit artistic with the heads as they did look even creepier all lined up on the floor...but did you notice they are all smiling? :-) That takes out the creepiness, don't you think?

Tammy ~@~

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