Thursday, February 12

a thankful teacher

This week I've been able to experience something every public teacher regularly gets the blessing of having present....a teacher's aide!

Years ago my mom would randomly stop by once in awhile and do a little school with the kids, but other than that, I've been the main teacher. Nope, I'm not complaining and learned to accept my role a long time ago.

However, this week my oldest daughter has been visiting and has taken great relish in using mom's coveted red pen on her siblings schoolwork (insert an evil grin!) In fact, between her and I, we already have a major portion of the children's schooling corrections done for the week which is wonderful. Of course, she does have an ulterior motive in being so helpful....she REALLY wants t
o do a major cleaning/tossing in the bedroom of her younger sisters tomorrow.

How can I not be thankful? A teacher's aide and a cleaning specialist in one! Woo hoo!

Is your heart thankful? Be sure to share a glimpse of thankfulness with others on this Thankful Thursday!

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Denise said...

Sweet, sweet blessings.

Kimmie said...

How fun...well maybe not for the recipient of the 'tossed' items.

Glad you had a helper, and glad it was a teacher's aide that you loved!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

LAURIE said...

Maybe when she is through - you can rent her out (ha ha). A great TT post today.

ChiGirl said...

What? You're not turning her loose in your room?!? (Evil laugh)

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