Friday, February 20

time to share some encouragement

Remember back at the beginning of September when you had started a new season of homeschooling and your kids were enjoying getting back into the routine.......

Enter the month of February. The winter doldrums have hit your homeschooling routine. The long winter days make you want to escape, but the current economy may prevent a vacation on a warm sunny beach. Next best option? Our favorite homeschooling blog stops where we are regularly encouraged! And it's time to share those favorites!

Heart of the Matter Online is putting together a listing of *Blogs That Nurture* and you can be part of the process. They are taking nominations through February 28th and the top ten favorites in each category will be included in their listing. Here are the categories of encouragement that are looking for your choices:

*Mom Of the Year Blog

*Dad Of the Year Blog

*Kid Of the Year Blog

*Most Vivid Blog

*Best Co-Operative Blog

*Most Informative Blog

*The “OH, We Have To Do That!” Blog

*Awe Inspiring Parenting Tips Blog

*Most Encouraging Blog

*All New Lessons Blog

To learn more about the categories, the rules, or to find the nomination form, please visit Blogs That Nurture

Even if you aren't homeschooling, I invite you to take a moment to drop by Heart of the Matter Online as they also have wonderful parenting and marriage articles as well as a regular weekly Bible study.


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