Saturday, March 28

the big question

Yesterday during our devotional time, we began the book Second Chronicles in the Old Testament. Having just finished First Chronicles and King David's final days as he passes on the throne to Solomon, as well as the instructions for the building of God's temple, the first chapter begins with a bang.

God appeared to King Solomon at night and said, "Ask for whatever you want me to give you." (verse 7)

Within King Solomon's response, he gives his request, "Give me wisdom and knowledge,that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?" (verse 10)

Because of his unselfish answer, not only did God give him what he asked for, but gave him abundantly more in the form of wealth, riches, and honor such as no king before him had ever had.

Thinking about this, I wondered what *I* would say if God asked me the exact same question. Of course, I would hope that the words coming out of my mouth would be much like wise King Solomon's response. And I think they could be very similar if God asked me during the daytime.

But if He woke me up during the night and asked me this question, I'm afraid I would say, "Oh awesome God! I have not slept a full eight hours in a almost three decades. A full night sleep would be a blessing indeed!" or, "Oh God of order, please send my pets, children, and husband away for a week so I could spring clean my house from top to bottom because I don't think it's been done in three decades. An orderly and clean home would be a blessing indeed!"

Yup, now you know how shallow I really am!

So as I begin my day, I will ask God to give me wisdom and knowledge to deal with every situation that crosses my garden path. And perhaps I'll be blessed with a moment or two of cleaning as well!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Tina said...

I have those same thoughts. A good nights sleep and a clean house. *sigh* Someday, maybe.
You are not shallow at all! :)

A. said...

Similar thoughts here, too :)


ChiGirl said...

Amen and Amen.

Letitia said...

LOL. I think most of us have those same thoughts, and not all necessarily in the middle of the night. But, God knows deep in our hearts what we desire most is His wisdom and to walk in His ways. I'm guessing he probably thinks were kind of funny about those other things, too. Thankfully, he gives us those little heart desires sometimes as well.

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