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Organize your school schedule

One thing I LOVE to do is make charts and forms. Give me some graph paper, a ruler, a nice fine black marker, my husband's copy machine and I'm as happy as a bug! (are bugs REALLY happy?) I especially like the various charts we've used through the years which have helped keep our schooling organized and running more smoothly. I've tweaked forms to work for the students we have at the time and I've also stopped using various forms as well.

Although I love making charts, I'm not as good at making photos. So, you'll have to bear with the samples I've taken pictures to show you.

This first form is the master version of a yearly school calendar. I sit down with my calendars and determine our proposed school calendar for the upcoming year.

Once figured out, I write out the dates we anticipate to be schooling and the dates during the weeks we intend to take off. What is typically not figured into this is calendar are extracurricular activities that occur during the week, on the weekends, in the evenings, or on days scheduled off. These extra activities may be sporting activities, music lessons, drama classes, field trips, museum visits, etc, and in my binder I keep a listing on a separate sheet that lists these extras which do add into our state requirements of 875 hours per school year of educational time. From the master form I also print off one copy per student to mark 'P' for present each day during the year.

Once I have my calendar school year figured out, I use this master form to write out my individual courses for each student.

The school weeks are noted and vacation times listed as OFF. Shown is this year's planned schooling schedule.

Each subject for each student is then written out. I keep my handwritten copy for my record keeping binder and a copy of each chart will be in the student's folder as they cross off the weeks of completed work. I've used the same materials and this system for so many years that often I can write this up quickly using a previous students chart for a subject.

This was a form I used for my first two students in the early days of our schooling which outlined our day. I found that it didn't work as our family grew making it hard to stay anywhere close to what our proposed times were for particular subjects, especially since some students fly through math and others need more time to work through problems. Plus I needed more flexibility with babies in the house and the harder subjects would need to be done when the babies were napping which didn't line up perfectly with the schedule. Now each student has their own order of doing subjects which works for them and gives them complete flexibility....no charts needed.

Again, this comes from our early days of two students when I'd write out a chart for each week which could be checked as we completed work.

My hope is that something here is helpful for you if you like a more structured organized approach that is helpful for record keeping. It is the old fashioned way as I know so much more can be done on a computer with charts, planners, etc. But, I'm from the old fashioned school, so it works for me! LOL! If you do have any questions, please feel free to email me at tam.gardening@yahoo.com

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