Thursday, March 19

dog-proof flowers?

From my gardening flip calendar:

"If only you could teach a dog to bury bulbs." ~ Author Unknown

Wouldn't it be nice if dogs could do that? They have such efficient digging skills, don't you think? :::sigh:::

The vegetable part of my garden order is all made out and sitting on my desk. The flower part of my garden order sits blank. There are so many things I'd like to add to my order this year, such as perennials and shrubs, but honestly, I don't feel I can do it. The damage our two dogs did with digging and ripping through flowerbeds to pursue chippies and squirrels last summer, well, it wasn't pretty and I spent most of my time being the one who growled at THEM!

What makes it even harder is that one of my daughters really wants to save money and buy some of her own flowers to plant this spring. Yet I don't want it to be a situation of throwing money out the window because of the ruckus the dogs engage in whenever a small brown or gray rodent is within sight.

Even as I consider starting a new flowerbed in a different area of the yard, I realize the exact same thing could happen.

What to do? What to do?

I may have to once again plant my favorite annual flowers within my vegetable garden to insure they will bloom and grow for an entire season within their fenced in harbor.

As we have a new light covering of snow on the ground this morning, I guess I have a few more days to ponder....

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theArthurClan said...

How frustrating that would be take the time to purchase and plant all of those flowers and then to see them ripped up. Are there any homemade remedies that will keep dogs out of plants? I'm assuming probably not...but wouldn't that be nice?! :)

Luke said...

That is a great quote!

Our garden isn't doing so well at the moment either. May you find a great solution!


mom said...

When they get the scent of critters in the yard, there's no remedy known to mankind that seems to work....



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