Thursday, March 12

it's coming

There may not be many, however there are a few signs that spring isn't too far away! Knowing that makes me more than thankful. I may even have to say, "WOO HOO!" a few times.

*Although it's EIGHT DEGREES BELOW ZERO right now, the forecast for the weekend is temperatures in the FORTIES! Instead of staying below zero for several days at a time, these teasers of warmer snow melting weather are a good sign that spring is indeed not too far away.

*A friend I talked to last night will begin tapping his maple trees this weekend. That only happens when the temperatures begin warming and seeing the bags hanging from maple trees means spring is getting closer.

*My children noticed that some of the trees have signs of buds on the branches. They aren't real noticeable, yet I could see them as soon as they pointed them out to me AND once I put my glasses on...hee hee.

*The dogs are happier lying out on the snowbanks on the sunny days.

*The pages in our schoolbooks are definitely narrowing down. My kids are much happier doing their schoolwork when a noticeable end is in sight.

*The grocery store is offering bulb plants for sale right now. The other day I picked up a handful of budded daffodil stems which are now opening up in a vase on my kitchen window. Nothing says spring like those happy yellow faces!

What signs of spring are you noticing in your neck of the woods? Or city?

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ChiGirl said...

Greener grass and rain instead of SNOW! Some people are complaining about all the rain. But I'm thankful for it because I know it's good for my little garden plot! :-)

theArthurClan said...

I was just thinking yesterday how green the grass was getting in some areas around here ~ so pretty! I got home after driving around and parked my car outside since it was so nice.

Woke up this morning with SNOW on the windshield. What a bummer!

Laurie Ann said...

I love reading about the different seasons and how thankful we are for them. Your post was a delight to read. As for us, though we are having a cool snap right now, all the cars in our neck of the woods look alike - covered in pollen! Spring is definitely in the air. One daffodil peeks up at the mailbox and the morning glories are getting ready to start blooming. Happy Thankful Thursday!

Denise said...

I am definitely noticing signs of spring here, the weather has been wonderful.

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