Tuesday, March 24

left behind

Over the last couple of weeks, my son has been going through a sorting process. There's the things he doesn't want at all that his siblings can have OR there's the things he does want but probably not for a long time which need to be in more permanent storage OR there's the things he wants as soon as he'll be able to have them.

The last category were more the last minute type of things that he was sorting the night before he left. Or that morning as he handed me the final laundry to be washed and kept for when he can have his favorite clothes. Or moments before he left as he kicked off his flip flops to put on regular socks and shoes.

Ah yes, his flip flops. Something he'd wear even during the snowy cold winter months as his mother shook her head at him. A trademark of his. A trademark that made me smile as I tucked them away for a short time until their owner can claim them.

Hmmm, it makes me wonder what MY trademark would be. I'll have to ponder that a bit. What about you? Is there something that people would immediately associate with you? Hmmm....

Enjoy this day whether it be flip flop weather or not!

Tammy ~@~


ChiGirl said...

Whenever I see flowers or candles I think of you. :-)

Tina said...

Flowers for sure!! Gardening and the color pink make me think of you too. :)

theArthurClan said...

Absolutely flowers and gardening for you Tammy. Can't see one without having thoughts of you cross my mind. :)

Chris Worthy said...

Your blog is such an encouragement. I will pray for your son and the rest of your family.


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