Wednesday, March 18

lint of many colors

While I was waiting for the town clerk to make out the dog licenses this year, I picked up a booklet on the counter that the town published about recycling. Paging through it, I found an interesting paragraph about compost:

"Composting is a type of recycling. The things you are recycling are dryer lints, eggshells, fruit wastes, coffee grounds, grass clippings, and hair."

Dryer lint?

This stuff?

Having never heard of throwing my dryer lint into the compost pile, I did a little research online and found that indeed you can use it. It's clean stuff having been washed and dried before being added to your compost mix. The bulk of the fibers that are in dryer lint tend to be cotton which do break down in the soil plus there's often pet hair mixed in which is also good.

The main recommendation which would be more difficult for me to follow is NOT to use dryer sheets in the dryer because of the chemicals which would cling to your dryer lint. With the dry static in our winter air, I'm not certain I could go without using them in the dryer cycle of laundry.

Since it sounds like dryer lint does break down a bit slower, in theory it may be a good addition to the garden as it would hold a little more moisture in the soil. Hey, I'm all about less watering!

Be a good recycler and try this easy step to benefit your garden.

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Mrs. E. said...

Interesting. I also recently read that instead of the dryer sheets you can mix liquid softener and water in a spray bottle and spray the inside of the dryer before putting the clothes in and it takes care of the static.

mom said...

Hmmm, a tip worth trying, Heather! I wonder if it would work up here?

Tammy ~@~

ValleyGirl said...

Yeah, there's no way I'm giving up Bounce sheets! What with our dry winter air dried even further by heating the house with the woodstove, we surely do have static issues!! I might give that tip a try though, just to see.

I've often thought those piles of lint might make nice stuffing for small accent pillows!!

Tina said...

Do you think lint in the garden would help with the deer problem??

mom said...

Probably not, Tina. The only thing that works with those critters is a REALLY HIGH fence!

Tammy ~@~

theArthurClan said...

What a neat idea Tammy ~ I'd never herad of that before! I'm with you though...I couldn't give up my Bounce. It'd be STATIC-CITY around here!

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