Wednesday, March 11

a mighty wind

All night long the wind has been been roaring outside our windows as a cold front has entered our area. As the light of morning came, it was amazing to see the effects of the wind as the mighty trees swayed and the new snow swirled.

As I was sitting doing my devotions, my thoughts went to the wind that came upon the followers of Jesus in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit descended upon them. The different translations describe this wind as:

*a rushing mighty wind

*a violent tempest blast

*a violent rushing wind

*a violent wind

*the roaring of a mighty windstorm

Wouldn't it be awesome if the mighty powerful wind I'm hearing out my window was not a cold front moving through but instead the wind of the Holy Spirit moving revival through our land? That the prayers of God's faithful for our country would cause those who have lost hope to instead hunger and thirst for righteousness acknowledging in their hearts that only God can save them?


A girl can hope, right? A girl can pray, YES!

Tammy ~@~


Letitia said...

YES!!! How wonderful it would be! We've got a group in our church praying!

Anonymous said...

We had a mighty wind outside our windows last night too. I agree, let's keep praying for our land.

ValleyGirl said...

Yes, YES, YES!!! I am SO praying for that, too!!!

(and yes, it would also be nice if that "wind of change" wasn't so dang cold...)

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