Tuesday, March 10

a morning routine

Organize your mornings

As an early bird for as long as I can remember, I LOVE my mornings! It's my favorite time of the day and can be useful for setting the tone for the rest of the day.

My morning routine has stayed pretty much the same through the years. There's seldom been a need to set an alarm as my eyes have a way of just waking up on their own anywhere between 5 - 6 AM. This is my typical pattern:

*A quiet time with the Lord
which includes a devotional, Scripture reading, prayer, and a cup of coffee. In my pregnancy/nursing days, it was a hot cup of tea that helped start my day.

is the only thing I've added into my morning routine now that we no longer have babies in the house. For years exercise was a hit or miss kind of thing in my life, but I have found it a daily essential in reducing stress and feeling better in general. Ideally in a week, my exercise routine is three mornings at Curves and two mornings walking with weekends off. I have yet to regret ever pushing myself out the door to include this as part of my morning, but do wish I would have began this habit during the baby years.

*A bit of uninterrupted computer time is enjoyed while the house is still fairly quiet. Email is checked, my blog is written, and Facebook Scrabble is played.

*A quick shower
to finish waking up. The shower is one of my favorite places in the house because the kids have learned that if they come in to ask me a question or tell me something, I'll just reply, "I can't hear you!", so they tend to leave me alone. Of course, solving the problems of the world does take time and sometimes they do have to shout to get me out because I'm in a hot water trance! Ahhhhh!

*Getting breakfast ready for the kids. Sometimes it may be making something hot like pancakes or oatmeal or eggs. Other times the choice is limited to cold cereal or muffins. No rhyme or reason or plan. It depends upon what sounds good when we walk into the kitchen each morning.

*Starting our school devotional time at the kitchen table as close to 8:30 AM as possible. We've tried earlier times but they've never worked well and this time has been the best as it accommodates early birds and those who enjoy a little more sleep. We typically use a devotional for this time as well as working our way through the Bible by reading a chapter of the Old Testament and a chapter of the New Testament, then closing with prayer.

*After devotions our school day gets going. Morning chores are minimal and we can typically jump right into our schooling. I work with my littles, monitor the middle graders, and the high schoolers work on their own.
Before we know it, lunch time has arrived!

This routine has worked well at our house for many years and continues to help our daily life run smoothly. The only disadvantage may be that sometimes the early bird needs a catnap in the afternoon! :-)

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Tina said...

You are up so early!! I don't think I could do it, but you seem to get so much done!
"I can't hear you" . . .good one ;)

mom said...

I do get a lot done in the mornings, but am pretty much totally worthless in the evenings! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

The Ties that Bind Us said...

If I could just get up 2 hours earlier, look at what I could accomplish!! I'm a bit of a night owl and usually am up until midnight with hubby who is also a night owl, so I gave up trying to get up early. But, I LOVE your schedule and have always dreamed of a schedule like it. : )

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