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organizing records

Organize your records

An important part of homeschooling is keeping organized records. Some of the records that you need to keep may be mandated by your own state's homeschooling regulations. Other records are more for your personal use and are a way of tracking your students progress.

There are many homeschool planners that are now available that can be done by hand or by computer. However, back when our family began homeschooling that was not the case and I had to come up with my own methods of keeping track of essential information. And since the word "change" makes me get a bit bucky, I have only minimally modified my methods through the years as I'm comfortable with the system that has worked well for us.

Each year I have my main pocket folder which holds all the essential information for that particular school year. In it is the form that is filed with the state, our proposed calendar (see my post about "charting our course"), a list of the curriculum used for each student, and throughout the year specific information of all our special activities is also added. During our early homeschooling years, I also kept a spiral notebook for my students in which I noted everything we did in a day and the amount of time it required. It was VERY time consuming and I gradually realized that we had abundantly surpassed the state's requirements and that keeping a proposed calendar outlining our daily schedule was indeed sufficient. Below is a picture showing the spiral notebooks as well as several of our yearly main school folders.

Each year each student has their own folder which they use to keep their weekly charts, any tests, special essays, and various odds and ends. One of the favorite back-to-school things the kids look forward to is picking out their special folder for the year. At the end of the school year this folder will go into their individual larger file box with all their other schooling materials from the year.

Although I have not given grades in subjects during the K - 8 years, I do keep detailed records of grades in each subject area during the high school years which are necessary for writing up our transcripts. Initially I made my own record forms which worked just fine, but now we use the DVD courses for high school through A Beka Academy and they provide the necessary record keeping forms which we personally maintain. These records are kept in a file box with folders for each high school student.

Besides their yearly high school subject grades, I also keep other information necessary for transcripts such as activities they actively participated in during those four years or jobs they have been employed at which can provide references in the future. Also kept in the files are ACT/SAT results, copies of college applications, and scholarship information.

The main thing about organizing records is finding a system that works well for you and then keeping it organized! Doing a good job in this area will save you much time in the future!

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Julie said...

Great tips, Tammy. I think you hit the nail on the head...you have to find a system that works for you (and actually use it lol!) I've also found my system changes from time to time over the 10 years we have homeschooled...I kept lots of grades and such with ds1, but not so much now with my younger ones. Have a great weekend. :)

momishome2 said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing on HOTM's carnival!

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