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"Reduce your interests to a few. Don't try to know what will be of no service to you." ~ A.W.Tozer

When I read this quote, my mind immediately went, "Yes, YES, YES!!!!"

I've been living in a season of wanting to simplify. To be subtracting instead of adding. Why? Because through my years of mothering I've been adding, adding, and adding some more. Trying to learn how to do this and that and the other thing. Perhaps homeschool moms are even more driven to do this as we don't want our kids to miss anything that may be important? My shelves are full of books on just about any topic you'd want to learn or read more about.

Little boxes and bags are filled with wonderful things I've started....and never finished. I think of the little workshops I've taken on scrapbooking, soapmaking, macrame (yes, that dates me, doesn't it? LOL!), all of which are meaningless in my life now.

My interests have been so diverse that in the last couple of years I've begun realizing how thinned out my knowledge is after dabbling for so many years. And sadly in the process I've noticed that the things that I love to do - and am perhaps gifted to do - have fallen away because I don't have quality or quantity time to spend on them.


I've even been convicted a bit of that recently in my spiritual life,too. Not that you can ever have too much Bible or teaching as it's all good stuff, but this is what my schedule has been. Personal devotions, devotions with the kids, adult Sunday School (Love and Respect) and a Sunday morning sermon during worship, a Sunday evening Bible study (The Truth Project), a Wednesday morning women's Bible study (Philippians), a Wednesday evening home Bible study (The Beatitudes). Sooo, when I do have a little extra quiet time that I could do more study I'm torn between which one I want to dig further on. Should I follow up on the Scripture challenges that came with the Sunday morning sermon or do the extra application questions in Philippians or look up parallel passages that go with the beatitudes verse we are discussing this week? [To clarify....I would never suggest that Bible study should be eliminated. If anything, everything else should be reduced and all the Bible studies kept in place! I love the fellowship, the discussion, the Scripture searching that goes on! It's my fuzzy brain that has a harder time keeping up :::sigh:::]

Perhaps it's just this season of fuzzy mindedness that causes me to ponder since focus is a general problem I'm having these days. Or perhaps A.W. Tozer had it right as he struck on the importance of priorities and being more single minded in our interests?

Because when it comes right down to it, I think I'd rather be an awesome gardener or quilter instead of knowing only a little bit about scrapbooking or soapmaking or a thousand other things. And perhaps I'd rather know the beatitudes inside and out rather than saying, "I remember reading somewhere in the Bible about that......"

My advice....stick with A.W. Tozer's advice! Don't pursue those things which really won't be practical in your life and focus on those heartfelt interests God gives YOU!

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Karen said...

that sounds like the inside of my head. Full of useless things that I don't need. It's a reminder to be a little more selective of what I stuff in there. (after all, I'm not getting any younger and I'm pretty sure my head will be full one of these days. Then I won't have room for something really important like a pie recipe or something.)

enjoy the day!

ValleyGirl said...

Ahhhh, macrame. I've tried so hard to forget...

You're so right, Tammy. These days, simplifying is so uncommon, and I think that makes it even more important.

Now, if only I could figure out what heartfelt interests God has given me ~ or at least narrow them down a little!!

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