Monday, March 2

simple woman's daybook for March 2

For today March 2

Outside my window......
at 7AM the skies are blue and it's MINUS TWENTY DEGREES! Is this really March?!

I am thinking.....about my digital camera and how its display is no longer working. Time to consider options available and pray for a tax refund!

I am thankful for.....flannel sheets to wake up in each cold morning!

From the learning rooms.....I need to pull out some old phonics stuff to use with my littlest since she's catching on to sounds.

From the kitchen.....
I will be baking plain ol' sugar cookies for my AWANA chums tonight.

I am wearing.....
my jammies, warm flannel robe, and fuzzy socks.

I am creating.....a new project list now that March is here. There's many things I do NOT want to be doing indoors once spring does come!

I am AWANA Club tonight and hope to have a lowkey week at home for a change!

I am still reading.....
the book Secure in the Everlasting Arms by Elisabeth Elliot.

I am hoping.....
this headache decides to leave sometime today as it's been visiting long enough :-p

I am hearing.....the clock tick on my desk as my house is that wonderful rare quiet at the moment.

Around the house.....
it is very quiet as the grands have left after a weekend of activity. We still have some toy picking up to do today.

One of my favorite snuggling sleeping babies.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include AWANA Club tonight and no other activities on the calendar. My goals are big since I don't have to leave the house much. We'll see how much I actually get done, eh?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

This is a picture of my grandson napping in our crib. The sheet was a hand-me-down when his daddy was born and it's still in wonderful condition. Most special though is that he's covered up with the patchwork quilt that my mom made his daddy, our firstborn, many years ago. Yes, he needs to use that old quilt because this grandma is still working on a quilt for him. Perhaps I need to STOP working on putting together a fancy quilt design and just do a simple patchwork quilt, eh? They obviously work just fine :-)

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Tammy ~@~


Mrs. Jane Doe said...

Hello! I came over from Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook...

The picture of your grandson (I couldn't believe looking at your picture that you have a grand baby yet) is just precious and I love the special sheet and quilt - what treasures to be able to share with him.


theArthurClan said...

Is it really that cold in your neck of the woods? That's awful Tammy!

P.S. Best wishes on your camera hunt. There are so many good choices out there.

mom said...

Thank you, Jane! You are my new best friend! LOL!

Yes, Angie, it is that cold! Brrrr! At least it does warm up into the double digits during the day AND the sun has been shining, too, which helps :-)

Tammy ~@~

ChiGirl said...

Such a sweet picture!! Does this Mama's heart good. :-) He fell asleep in my arms tonight all snuggled in. Good to know the weekend away didn't de-snuggle him. :-)

mom said...

Ohhh, babies love their mamas too much to ever desnuggle. Grandmama was just the softest substitute in the house for the weekend :-)

Love you!

Devita said...

what a cute baby!!!

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