Monday, March 9

simple woman's daybook for March 9

For today March 9

Outside my window.....the skies are blue and it looks like it's going to be a wonderful day!

I am thinking.....
about Bible study last night and the reality that we live in a culture that is held captive by deception. The worldview is the opposite of Truth.

I am thankful for.....for knowing and trusting Jesus as my Savior for He IS TRUTH!

From the learning rooms.....we are going to double up a bit on our studies as I don't know what next week will bring with a college student's spring break.

From the kitchen.....we NEED to bake some banana bread as well as cookies :-)

I am jammies and flannel bathrobe. A shower is next on my list right after I finish typing this daybook entry.

I am creating.....a list of the seeds I need to order for my garden so I don't get late like I did last year and had to pick up seeds packets locally!

I am going.....
to take one dog and one cat to the vet this morning for their rabies vaccinations.

I am still reading.....Secure in the Everlasting Arms by Elisabeth Elliot. I wish I wasn't so tired when I went to bed at night which is my reading time!

I am hoping.....that I enjoy the movies my husband brings back from his hunting trip. Sometimes they get a bit, um, long and boring to this female eye.

I am hearing.....just my desk clock tick ticking.

Around the house.....
I'm dabbling with several things as I've been decluttering. I actually think I'm ending up with more piles as I sort rather than fewer. YIKES! (And no, this isn't an invitation for my oldest daughter to come and visit! I'll keep working through those piles...promise!)

One of my favorite things.....
are the smiles of people I love and care about as I watch their faces light up :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week.....are to continue working through my decluttering process, finish up a little photo album, maybe travel for training at the pregnancy resource center unless the weather is nasty as forecasted, AWANA Club tonight and then Games practice later in the week.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

This is a doll I picked up for my daughter when my husband and I were in Hawaii three years ago. We never had a honeymoon and missed doing anything special on our 25th anniversary due to the loss of my mom and father-in-law that year, so we took a belated honeymoon for two weeks on the Hawaiian Islands. It was the most wonderful trip EVER! :-)

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keri said...

Did I hear you say you want me to come home??? ;) You clean like David. His piles turn into more "smaller" piles, and they end up taking up even more space!! lol!!

mom said...

WHEW! Glad you have his piles to work on so you won't be tempted to come home and work on MINE! LOL!

Love you,
Mom :-)

ChiGirl said...

Fortunately, Mom, it looks like we're heading up sooner than Ker. I'll help you hide, um, I mean, "clean up" those piles before she gets there. Good thing I clean like you--and yes, it drives the husband crazy!!

emily said...

Hi Tammy! This is Emily Metzger/Johnson. I came upon your blog because of the organizational stuff I was reading .... how fun!!

mom said...

Emily! How very cool AND random to see you here! How are you and your family doing? You were expecting a baby the last time I saw you :-) I've to see if I can track you down online....

Tammy ~@~

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