Friday, March 20

spring? really?

How come when the calendar says it's the first day of summer, autumn, or actually feels like that season, but when it comes to spring it never does?

This is a picture I took this afternoon while it was lightly snowing outside. Uh huh. My daughters and I were sitting in these chairs during the lunch hour this past week when the temperatures were up in the 40's. Now that it's the official FIRST DAY OF SPRING the weather is cold and snowy.

Personally, I think the First Day of Spring should be on April 20th when it may, yes, it may actually feel like the First Day of Spring!

Hoping your weather is better than mine and you are celebrating this special calendar date!

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

We are actually MELTING today!! Amazingly, it DOES feel like spring here today. Normally, I'd have the same complaint you do, but for whatever reason, this year it's warm today. Of course, that likely means we're in for a delightfully long cold snap and more snow...

mom said...

I'm glad to hear that as I know your weather will be coming my way! Enjoy!


A. said...

I think our sunny daffodils suddenly appeared on Friday. The lilacs look to be getting ready, too. I'm so anxious to start planting, but restraining myself lest we have another suprise snowstorm.


theArthurClan said...

I agree! It feels like spring will never officially be here to stay. I'm just waiting for the one, huge, out-of-the blue snowstorm that is sure to hit us. :(

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