Wednesday, March 25

swinging into spring

There's nothing like being on the third day of gray cool gloominess being gone most of the day from driving for an hour and wanting so desperately to take a nap because this kind of weather is sleep inducing....and then finally entering town with only a few miles left to go until pulling into the driveway of your home when suddenly you are greeted by SNOW FLURRIES!

You know, some days it would be easy to be slide into depression.

And then....and then God puts a ray of sunshine into your life as a reminder to count your blessings!

Here's the ray of sunshine I found in my emailbox after pulling into the driveway and getting settled back at home. It's a picture taken of my sweet grandbaby when she was visiting here last week while we were outside enjoying the gorgeous whisper of spring weather in the upper 40's. She absolutely loved swinging in the baby swing!

She's such a sweet little thing, isn't she? And definitely the ray of sunshine her grandmama needed on such a day as this!

Tammy ~@~


Tina said...

Sweet baby!! Love her smile. :)

Dot O said...

What a great "pick-me-up" surprise!! She's absolutely adorable!! Hopefully you get to see her often and enjoy that cute little happy face.

Thanks for stopping by my meme today - I swear I would have pegged you for 5'7'- 5'8". You appear "taller" to me in your little avatar pic!

mom said...

LOL, Dot! Naw, I'm the short one in our family :-)

Tammy ~@~

theArthurClan said...

Another "shorty." I love it Tammy! :)

Your little grandbaby is just too adorable. What a precious blessing for you!

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