Tuesday, March 3

the tune of winter

As I took pictures down by my garden at the end of February, it was with a big :::sigh::: Four months of winter down, possibly two more to go depending upon the weather. We have had a colder than average winter so far and it makes me wonder what kind of spring we'll have once it does arrive.

March is such a LONG month and it's easy for moms to be singing the Cabin Fever Blues after so many months of being confined to the indoors. It's especially easy to sing several verses of the song if you are an older mom also dealing with the shifting hormones of perimenopause! YIKES!

Today over at Heart of the Matter Online I've shared some tips to help moms get through these long final days of winter. Be sure to stop over and share some tips that have helped you though the long days of March!

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ValleyGirl said...

Great tips, Tammy! Thanks for sharing them. I always feel like February is the longest month. At least in March, we can see noticeable changes, even though the snow won't be gone until mid-April!

I'm always amazed how powerful the sun is already this time of year, though.

We have a dish on the back step that we use to give the dog some water (in the few months when there's no snow for him to eat!!) and there's a little bit of ice in the bottom. Our back step is in a corner facing south-west and even on days when the temperatures are as low as -10F, as long as it's sunny, that ice melts!!!!

That definitely does NOT happen in December, January, and most of February, so whenever I see that stagnant, dirty puddle of water, it brightens my day!!!

mtnest423 said...

Thanks for your prayers for my brother. He's better - out of ICU and in a room. And today is his birthday. :)

mom said...

Thanks for reminding me, Tammi, that spring brings MUD! LOL! But even that sounds good at the moment :-)

Jody, that is such good news to hear! Sounds like the best birthday present ever! Thanks for letting me know :-)

Tammy ~@~

theArthurClan said...

I actually think I hate the February weather more than the March weather. At least until March comes and we have a freak snowstorm that covers everything with a blanket of snow. :) I am so looking forward to the warmth of May and June.

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