Wednesday, April 1

cheating on the lesson of patience

The saying from my gardening flip calendar was...."If you want to learn patience, plant tulips and anticipate their cheerful blossoms."

If you live where I do, you will REALLY learn patience if you have to wait for your planted tulips to blossom in the spring. Especially when it's snowing like crazy on the first day of April and you know your tulips are still sound asleep in their little flower beds.

So when you feel your patience begin to weaken, it is VERY important to buy a bunch of tulips ready to bloom. For their cheerful blossoms are a wonderful reminder that spring will indeed be arriving soon.

I hope.....

*****After seeing my poor tulips look gloomy under the snowy sky in this post, I just had to add that you must trust me that they look wonderfully cheery under the lights in my kitchen :-)

Tammy ~@~


theArthurClan said...

I've always found flowers to provide a bright spot of happiness to my day! You are making me want to run out to get some for myself. :)

A. said...

I tried tulips last year, but I think the squirrels ate the bulbs.

My mother does black tulips (a very, very dark eggplant) with purple irises - a look she calls "very sharp."


mom said...

Yes, go buy some, Angie! Flowers can brighten any day!

I've seen pictures of black tulips, but I don't think I've ever seen real black tulips. I'm guessing they'd look quite elegant :-)

Tammy ~@~

Amy said...

I LOVE tulips! My hubby just brought some home for me last weekend. Unfortunately, they don't live long in a vase :-( But, they made me feel very excited about the arrival of spring!

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