Tuesday, April 14

closer than you may think

Many of my favorite "field trips" have occurred on family vacations. While traveling there are always random points of interest to check out (even at rest areas), museums on about any topic known to mankind, and state parks or national wildlife refuges to hike through at your leisure. With the current changing economy however, vacations may shift to a lower priority on your budget list.

While voting recently in our April elections,
at the entranceway of our town office I found colorful brochures that were published by our local chamber of commerce. Paging through it, I was surprised by all the things listed to do in our local area. Some of the categories in the brochure were upcoming community wide events, museums, factory tours, the performing arts series, nature centers, trails to hike or bike, and a nice area map making it convenient to find these places.

It reminded me of the letter my 4th grade children are required to write to the chamber of commerce office found in the state capital and the large envelope that then comes to our mailbox in response. All kinds of free information and brochures are included of places found in our state which could be possible field trip options for a family. Many of these places are not greatly publicized and are easily accessible within a day's travel from home resulting in wonderful educational experiences at an economical cost. You never know what you may find along the way.....

So I encourage you to check out the often overlooked "field trips" found locally or statewide!

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ChiGirl said...

WOW! This was awhile back! Look at Lovey!! So cute! Hard to believe she'll be 6 this summer =:-o

mom said...

I believe this was taken on a return "field trip" from your house. I'm itchin' for a visit your way again...would thrift shopping in your neighborhood count as a "field trip"? *wink*

theArthurClan said...

Great tip Tammy! Your girls are absolutely beautiful. I really love this photo of them. :)

MoziEsmé said...

I like your ideas - first of making vacations learning experiences - everything is that, isn't it? And second - seeing what is local. We never do the touristy thing nearby, because there is no pressure to get it done. But I've recently gotten a list of things to do in Oregon, and I want to start checking through the list!

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