Saturday, April 11

Easter Saturday

A curiously empty day,
As if the world's life
Had gone underground.
The April sun
Warming dry grass
Makes pale spring promises
But nothing comes to pass.

Relaxes into despair
As we remember our helplessness,
Remember him hanging there.
We have purchased the spices
But they must wait for tomorrow.
We shall keep today
For emptiness and sorrow.

~Elizabeth Rooney
Awaiting the Resurrection celebration tomorrow.......

Tammy ~@~


Karen said...

Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy the day!

Dot O said...

Tammy, I hope your day was wonderful today!

Happy Easter to you and yours! Thanks for visiting - I had just posted!!!

Amy said...

What a beautiful poem :-)

mom said...

It was a nice quiet day :-)


Tammy ~@~

theArthurClan said...

It was such a lovely celebration at our church this year! We ended the service with communion which I thought was just perfect.

Happy Resurrection Day to you Tammy!

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