Tuesday, April 28

a repeat of history or not

There's an obvious attempt to repeat family history around here and it's requiring all my best efforts to discourage it.

You see, about nine years ago there was a little boy in our house that desperately wanted a dog. He knew what color it should be and that its name would be Little Muffin (yes, he was a devoted fan of Arthur). It was all that he thought about despite his parents saying "no".

Yes, it was definitely the squeaky wheel syndrome.

So, we made a deal. His oldest sister would be gone for the summer while she volunteered at a Christian camp. *IF* he could take good care of Rosie who was his sister's dog for the entire summer, we would talk about getting a dog for him.

Let's just say that Rosie had a summer of pampering! She was always fed on time, brushed daily, walked, talked to regularly, and even bathed after rolling in dead fish down by the lake.

We had no obvious choice but to honor the agreement, so be careful parents as to what you promise!

And in God's perfect timing that August, mixed yellow lab/golden retriever puppies were listed in the newspaper. Upon visiting them, we came home with a puppy that met the requirements he had dreamed about and was appropriately named Little Muffin although she is far from little now and is better known as Muffa around here.

And he had taken good care of her for many years, but at the age of seventeen having a dog is a bit less appealing and he gladly allows others to brush her, walk her, or feed her when she "goes psycho" (his term for her wild behavior when she's hungry) in the morning.

Enter a daughter who would LOVE to have her own dog. She watches the newspaper and lets us know what's available for puppies. We remind her that she already does have a pet - a cat that she fell in love with as a kitten when she stayed at her friend's house who somehow made his way into our home and our hearts. But she makes a good point about him....he does love us all and rotates where he sleeps to keep everyone happy. Scooter is definitely not a one person cat.

So, of course, any sensible person could deduct that she needs her own dog, right? And to prove her point in being responsible enough to take care of a dog, guess who is getting pampered this time? Yup, Muffa. Good ol' Muffa thinks she's gone to dog heaven on earth!

There's been suggestions that perhaps she could be Muffa's adopted owner, but that doesn't work in her mind because Muffa is almost nine years old and really doesn't like to fetch balls or walk very far. My daughter is convinced that she definitely needs a puppy. Then I remind her that we already have two dogs. Nope, that doesn't work either as Muffa is getting old and when she's gone Shadow would enjoy having a companion. Every opposing point I present, this girl has a comeback! She's becoming a very squeaky wheel!


Heaven help me! LOL!

My point in telling this tale? Beware of those squeaky wheels as you walk along your garden path as you never know what you may be getting yourself into once you decide to take care of the squeak!

Tammy ~@~


Luke said...

[smile] Looks like a puppy is in the near future.

May it be a joy to your whole family.


Tina said...

Ahhh! It does sound like her squeaking is getting her somewhere ;)

I wonder. . does she have names??

mom said...

LOL! I'm hoping there's NOT a puppy in the future!

And Tina, please don't give her any ideas when you see her...support her mother instead!



Brenna has been begging for a bunny for a year but Cameron tells her she must first keep her room clean. " If I can't trust you to take care of things that won't die, then I can't trust you to take care of things that will die." I think we are safe for a while!

Mrs. C said...

LOL!!! I'm only laughing because we just recently went through puppy fever at our house, too. I am self-banned from visiting pet stores and humane societies because I'm the wink link at our house. I can so relate to your daughter, and to you!

Thankfully the puppy fever has passed and I'm a little stronger now. ;)

If you get a puppy & post pics, please warn your viewers in advance so I won't look...lol. That's about all it would take before I'd be on the puppy bandwagon again. ;)

theArthurClan said...

I totally think we'll be seeing a puppy post here in the near future. ;) I'm so with you Tammy - as cute as they are...they are so much work! :)

Letitia said...

: )

from a mom who has 3 inside dogs, and indoor cat, an indoor/outdoor cat, fish, and an African Grey parrot. (sigh) I still hear begging for puppies and kitties, and most recently, bunnies.

mom said...

Well, *I* used to be the weakest link here because I had worked as a veterinary assistant before and for awhile after I got married. Loved dogs and cats. But after years of pets, I've realized that most of the care and expense falls on me :::sigh::: and it's becoming more of a burden than a pleasure to have them.

My husband was always the tough link and was quite firm in his stance that these pets were more of a nuisance than a joy.

Interestingly...it seems our roles are switching a bit! YIKES!

Yesterday when I got home he mentioned that our daughter had cut out an ad in the newspaper and talked to him about this dog she wanted and what did I think about it? YIKES!

Let's just say this chapter in our family's history is still being written....

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