Sunday, April 5

simply thank you

There are many thoughts on my heart at the moment, but they can best be summarized in two simple words.

Thank you.

Writing an article in which you put yourself in a vulnerable position is not an easy thing to do. The *publish post* button suddenly wavers before your eyes. Should I or shouldn't I? Perhaps the article should be placed back into the draft folder for another day and a different topic be addressed instead? And yet in my heart I knew it was time, so I held my breath, pushed the button, and knew that God would be with me whatever the outcome.

The Tale of a Son was published at Heart of the Matter Online this past week and my eyes filled with tears with each public response as well as by those private notes which came my way. Once again I'm quite certain that I ended up being way more encouraged than those I encouraged!

And then came the even sweeter icing to the cake as the very same day the article was published we received the first letter from our army son. What fun it was to read!

So again, my heartfelt thanks to those who live far and near for your encouragement!

Tammy ~@~

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theArthurClan said...

What a wonderful blessing for you to receive that letter from your son on the same day you opened up your heart to all of us. It makes me smile to think of how happy you must have been!

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