Thursday, April 9

singing the song

It ain't over until the last one sings.

I thought I was the last one to sing and I hadn't sung yet and since it had been a few days I thought it meant that the song had ended.

Got it?


But I heard the song at 4 AM and it wasn't coming from me. Actually, I take that back because I didn't hear it first. My husband did! Honest, I'm telling the truth! He nudged me and then I heard it....


It was my littlest calling me, so I leaped out of bed to see if she had lost Fuzza, Fluffa, and Pinky again.

Nope. She said her ear was hurting. So, I went to get some tylenol for her and after it was in her mouth I began the mother recording...."you know that mom keeps telling you girls to keep a hat on your head because it's not really spring yet and the air is still quite cold and then you end up with earaches."

Which brought on her reply, "But mom, my ear doesn't hurt!"


Her explanation was simple, "I said it hurts BY my ear. Right here."

No longer able to rely on the light of the full moon completely shining in their bedroom, I had to go and turn on the hall light. Sure enough, she wasn't pointing at her ear but above her ear close to her temple. As I went to touch the spot to rub it, my hands felt fire. Fever without a doubt. 103.2

Where did this come from? I thought that her runny nose when everyone else was sick with various symptoms was her version of the *bug*. No other symptoms, just a runny nose that she'd snuff all the time and which didn't slow her down from playing. And everyone was done with that *bug* stuff, right?

By now all three girls were awake as she explained quite loudly that her legs were hurting, too, and the other side of her head was hurting and she didn't like that cool washcloth on her skin and look at the moonlight shining right on her sister's face and wasn't it fun that the dog was sleeping in there now because he knew she had a fever. So, I snuggled her close and told her it was time to be quiet so the medicine would work and we prayed together. As she calmed and became dozey, I checked her temperature every 15 minutes until I was assured it was going down well and then went back to my own bed with one thought on my mind.

It ain't over until the last one sings.

I await my turn :-p

Tammy ~@~


Caseybumpinalong said...

Prayers for you and your little one. Loved your post.

mom said...

I appreciate your prayers :-)

She's chattering around here as usual right now. We'll see what happens as the day goes on...

Tammy ~@`

Chris Worthy said...

Ack. Hope your household has a new song soon. :) That one's not fun, I know.

theArthurClan said...

The life of a mom. :) Praying for your little glad that she's feeling a bit better already.

Tina said...

Phew! I really thought you were going to say it was a tick! Hope she is feeling better today.

Letitia said...

I hope she is feeling much better by now, and that you have avoided it. I loved her little middle of the night conversation. Reminds me of my little one! : )
Prayers for good health for all.

mom said...

She just can't quite shake this fever completely. It seems to be gone, then returns. Continued prayers appreciated!

Tammy ~@~

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