Monday, April 6

springing into cupcakes

As I walked into the kitchen this afternoon to bake my cupcakes for tonight, I had a slight moment of panic. I suddenly remembered that the last time I made cupcakes I had used up the last of the cupcake liners. And hadn't replaced them. Oh no! Quickly the drawer was opened revealing that indeed what I thought was true was actually true :::sigh::: I pulled the drawer out a little further and noticed some Christmas cupcake liners AND some Easter cupcake liners! Two dozen to be exact! PERFECT!

God is good all the time! All the time God is good!

Tammy ~@~


theArthurClan said...

Tammy!!! Look at you with the cool angles for your camera shots. Way to go! :)

"God is good all the time. All the time God is good" is the phrase that our missionary to the prisoners uses every time he speaks. I just love to hear him say "God is good..." and then the prisoners will yell back "All the time!!" Then he'll say "All the time..." and they'll yell back again "God is GOOD!!"

Gives me chills every time...

Kathy said...

Thank you (one of many I know you received) for your wonderful article on your homeschooled turned Army son. Please give him a gigantic thank-you from all of us who are blessed beyond measure due to his sacrifice, and the choice he's made to honor his country, family, and his Lord. Tell him we all said that he makes you look good (insert smile), and people he doesn't even know are proud of him and you, to the glory of God.

In Christ,

mom said...

Angie, now I know without a doubt you are a true friend :-)

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, Kathy! You've put some sunshine into my day! I will pass your words onto my son.

Tammy ~@~

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