Tuesday, May 26

all in pink

My crabapple tree in the front yard is LOADED with pink blossoms this year! I love it! My husband says that it means there's a hard winter ahead, but I've also heard that a hard winter will produce more fruit in the season that follows. I don't know who's right? But I do know it's not the hard winters that I mind; it's the LONG winters that bother me more. And really, at this moment, I can't even think about winter because the pink in my yard keeps a smile on my face!

Enjoy this spring season whatever the color!

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

Our plum trees FINALLY started blooming just yesterday!!! I think spring has finally arrived at your house and mine!!

And I'm with you ~ I can handle a hard winter as long as it doesn't last well into May!!! The length is definitely always more of a problem than the cold for me!

mom said...

AMEN! :-)

randi said...

That is SO pretty! What a lovely site to too in your yard everyday!

I agree that the hard winter is OK. The long winter makes me want to cry! ;)

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