Wednesday, May 6

clicking and dinging

Sometimes we think we need to spend lots of money on educational products for our children when simple things may be right beneath our noses which will allow our children to enjoy learning in a creative way. Check out my article at Heart of the Matter Online today!

Tammy ~@~


Mrs. C said...

ryn: Thanks. The bachelor buttons are different colors, but the most prominent is the blue.

I enjoyed this typewriter post. I left you a comment over at Heart of the Matter.

mom said...

Oh, they are so pretty! I wish bachelor buttons grew wild here....

Thanks for stopping both places!

theArthurClan said...

My kids love things like this! And the especially love old items that they can take apart and study. :)

o3man said...

I like the old manual typewriters. They give everything an antique look. People want to return to the simple.

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