Friday, May 22

the eagle's eyes factor

If you wander around your house thinking that perhaps it's time to do some deep cleaning, can I share a tip that will put you into complete motivation to get the job done instead of forever procrastinating about it?

Get your home appraised.

See how simple it is?!

Trust works!

For as you walk room by room with the appraiser as he measures everything and asks questions, suddenly you see every cobweb, every dirty window, every bit of junk EVERYWHERE!


Truly, it is an eye opening experience.....

Since the appraiser left late yesterday afternoon, I've been pondering this deep cleaning issue and trying to come up with a solution. I think I need to divide the house up into rooms or areas and each week this summer work on deep cleaning one. It will take me one week on one area because the reality is my life is full of interruptions. And the other reality is that we've lived in this house almost thirty years and there's LOTS OF STUFF. Perhaps by tackling it this way, at the end of the summer the house will have become simplified and it will be much more enjoyable to start school in the fall.

It works in theory....hold me accountable to see if it works in reality! LOL!

Enjoy spring cleaning in your garden with or without an appraiser's eagle eyes to motivate you!

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

Haha, all I need for incentive is my MOM coming for a visit!!! It's amazing the things that suddenly need cleaning that didn't before!

Luke said...

We're going to have our house appraised in the near future. We've been slowly organizing our stuff, but we're not done yet. And as my mom says, "You have to make a mess to clean one." Our house will not be perfect at all.


Dot O said...

Tammy, that is so funny!!! I've often thought wouldn't it be great if you could just power wash the inside of your house? Just blast all the dust, webs, and dead bugs right out of the place!!!

I'd be interested in how you do your deep cleaning. I had posted on Mother's Day that the only gift I asked for this year was that my family all pitch in and help clean from top to bottom....... it hasn't started yet aside from hubby cleaning our bedroom windows while I scrubbed the screens on Mother's Day......

Have a great day!!!

Karen said...

Here's hoping you can balance the need for clean with the need for a few relaxing moments. When I get into one of those cleaning moments, I tend to drag everything out (making the mess that much worse) and suddenly find I'm too exhausted to deal with any of it. (We won't mention that I might get a tad bit grumpy as well. =D )

mom said...

I think perhaps the answer is to have Tammi's mom come and visit all of us since it sounds like she may be the best prompter to clean!

I do like the power wash idea though as I tend to clean like Karen often ending up with more of a mess rather than less!

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