Saturday, May 30

flowered with resolve

I may have to take it back....

I don't know if I can wait to plant.

For you see, I entered a couple of greenhouses yesterday and my resolve grows ohhh sooo weak.

The flowers!


Row after row of flowers just calling my name to be planted as the greenhouses are very full yet due to the lateness of spring. It wasn't much help either to have one of my daughters and my daughter-in-law along with me as we "ohhhhed" and "ahhhhed" over all the brightly colored flowers. "Oh mom! Look at this! It's in all your favorite colors!" is what I heard as we glanced at the baskets overhead that were overflowing with flowers.

But I remained strong and only bought my vegetable plants for now. They went into a little red wagon which can be pulled out into the sunshine during the day and back into the garage at night when cool frosty weather comes.

Today my husband will till the whole garden one last time as he's anxious to get the tiller attachment off his tractor and put the mowing attachment on for the summer as the field is shouting to be mowed.

We'll see what the weather does over the next day or two.

Guess I'll continue to wait....and dream of flowers.....

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