Saturday, May 2

from zero to ninety

Flexibility is often the name of the game around here and it once again played out toward the end of the week as my oldest daughter and her baby decided to head home for an unexpected spring visit. It caused a flurry of activity as we quickly got the house ready and did as much schooling as we could before they arrived on Thursday.

And when I noticed the scissors I had placed on my bathroom sink as a reminder to trim the bangs of my littlest one, I was delighted to know that now I could ask my daughter to do the trimming and to catch my bangs as well.

Little did I expect when I brought the scissors out for the bang trimming job that another daughter would suddenly want the use of the scissors on her hair. Not for a trim. For a major cut! The dramatics of this reminded me of those old car advertisements that timed a car going from zero mph to NINETY MPH in a matter of seconds.

Yes, that's how dramatic and quickly this all happened!

She went from her long layered styin' look:

To this short cute bob length!

Yup, just another lesson for mom to learn to be flexible, that is, once she picks herself up off the floor after being blown over from the winds of the quick decisions of her children! LOL!

Tammy ~@~


Tina said...

I LOVE it!!!

Chris Worthy said...

Wow-- It's gorgeous. Someone is a talented stylist!

Mrs. Jane Doe said...

CUTE! I agree! Someone is a talented stylist! Great job!!!


Mrs. E. said...

Doesn't she have beautiful hair?! Spontaneous visits and hair cuts. . .keeps life exciting, huh?

Amy said...

Cute! I love bobs. :-)

mom said...

Ahhh, the stylist had a glimmer in her eyes when she heard her little sister wanted to go short as she definitely had some ideas of what SHE wanted to do with that head of hair! But she very respectfully cut it the way her little sister wanted it to look. I do like this cut on her as it brings out her face a bit more :-)

Tammy ~@~

theArthurClan said...

Oh wow - her new "do" looks great!

Donna Boucher said...

She has beautiful hair! It looks wonderful both ways!

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