Tuesday, May 19

a lilac remembrance

A glimpse at my lilac bush by the girls bedroom shows the leaves just beginning to come out. Hmmm, is our spring behind or perhaps more normal this year?

My mind goes back to two years ago and the necessity of all the area lilac bushes to be very early for a change. My oldest daughter was getting married on May 19th and had choosen lilacs as her main flower to blend with her lavender theme. Feel free to read about our lilac adventures which resulted in more fragrances than thought possible as God smiled upon us!

So on this day I wish my sweet daughter and her dashing husband a very happy second anniversary!

Who knows? Perhaps the lilacs will be blooming on my anniversary this year :-)

May you enjoy the fragrance of spring in your garden!

Tammy ~@~


keri said...

Why thank you!! He is dashing, isn't he?! ;)

mom said...

I'm guessing he's going to be "dashing" a bit as a consequence of his anniversary gift! LOL!

Amy said...

I love lilacs. I just planted a shoot last year that my mother-in-law gave me. It looks great this year, but I don't know how many years I will have to wait for my first blooms.


theArthurClan said...

I've just been driving around thinking "I can't believe how green it is!" I'm loving spring Tammy...and I can tell you are too. :)

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