Thursday, May 21

the line of purpose

Early this morning when I was walking at the high school, I detoured out of the fieldhouse and walked the labyrinth of halls. I noticed that in one section of the school, the flooring had a silver line that seemed to go right down the middle of the hallway. I doubt that most students even notice it as they walk the halls, but in the quiet of the morning it seemed to jump out at me.

As I walked, I kept focused on this silver line and could walk a straight line, but the moment I looked around me to see all the posters on the walls or notes on the lockers I was off course. Not badly off course, but definitely wandering a bit and needing to readjust my walk.

And as I thought about it, my mind went WHOA! If I compared that to my life, I would have been banging into the lockers yesterday!

For you see, when I got home yesterday afternoon after my volunteer shift at the pregnancy resource center our power was still out (it had apparently gone out after lunch). In fact, when I was on one of our backroads coming home, I had to turn around because the utility trucks were working on repairing a power line. It was EXTREMELY windy here and power outages aren't uncommon under those conditions. Hey, we live in the woods and there's lots of dead trees just aching to come down as soon as the wind blows :::sigh:::

Because I had seen the utility truck, I assumed our power would be back on soon which was what I needed. My "to do" list was quite extensive as we had major house cleaning to do in anticipation of today's home appraisal besides all the other things on my mind right now like planning for a big weekend ahead, being on call for a birth, AND having my hormones on a weird tumble right now.

The power did not return all afternoon.

The power did not return all evening.

Can you see where I was headed? Banging into lockers big time! There were many things I could not do because they required water or electricity or light. All of that resulted in going to bed early in a bad mood - hey, it was pitch dark in the house! - and having a terrible night of sleep which unfortunately does not influence me to sleep later as my internal clock says, "GET UP!" around 5:30 A.M. every morning.

Sooo, I went walking which is a good stress reliever for me AND a good time to listen to my Heavenly Father who reminded me how I had taken my eyes off that silver line of His purposes in my life. It's not about me. It's never about me. It's about Him. It's always about Him.

Looking back I see now how I could have used that time without power to plug into his power. Because there were so many things I could not physically do without power, there were things I could do spiritually with His power.

What about catching up in my devotional journal? What about sitting down with my prayer list? What about starting the Bible study I want to work through this summer? What about writing a couple notes of encouragement to those I know are struggling right now? What about just resting in Him for a change? What about trusting Him for peace in a situation that didn't feel peaceful?

Yes, our power did come back on sometime during the night. And yes, the line of purpose has been found once again after spending some time this morning focusing on what I need to be focusing on. God's purposes.

Guess His purposes didn't include a spic and span house when the appraiser walks through the rooms this afternoon, eh? Perhaps a lesson in pride is also included with that silver line of purpose? More to think about as I walk through my day....

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Chris Worthy said...


Your blog is such a source of encouragement for me. I am so thankful to have found it! And you!


mom said...

Aww, thanks, Chris! I wish I could give you a hug in person!

Tammy ~@~

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