Saturday, May 23

looking for the best

Here is my thought to ponder for the weekend:

God has a present will for your life.
It is neither chaotic nor utterly exhausting.
In the midst of many good choices vying for your time,
He will give you the discernment to recognize what is best.
~Beth Moore

Here's to the best!

Tammy ~@~


Mrs. E. said...

What is God's best for me to do next? This came to my mind several times today. . . I appreciated reading this quote this morning.
Blessings for a special wknd. Tammy!

My Journey said...

I love it! I'm doing Beth's Believing God class now. She is amazing! Thanks for sharing!
Come by, I updated my blog because I finally got my laptop back! Woohoo!!
In Him,

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