Thursday, May 14

more than motions

Wednesdays are now my travel days as the pregnancy resource center where I volunteer is over an hour away. I love the quiet time of the travel as it gives me time to think and pray.

Sometimes when I am close to my destination, I'll turn on the radio as the Christian radio station comes in clearly unlike at home when it fades in and out. Last week I heard a song that I'm certain that I had heard before, but perhaps hadn't been able to really listen to the words. When I got home, I asked my boys if they knew the song, but of course by then the only words I could remember from the song was something about "give everything". "Ya, okay, mom", was their response as they kind of looked at each other with that look on their face (if you have teenagers, you may know what that look looks's not disrespectful but rather a "poor mom" look)

Sooo, yesterday I heard it again, grabbed my notebook and pencil, then wrote down some of the lines. Yes, while driving. And yes, it was barely legible. This time when I got home and asked my boys if they knew the song, I could actually sing some of the lines as I read my scribbles for them. Yes, they knew the song. In fact, one of the boys grabbed his iPod and put the song on for me as he handed me the earphones.

The Motions by Matthew West

And this line from the song is what keeps going through my head....."I don't wanna spend my whole life asking what if I had given everything instead of going through the motions."

Perhaps it makes me ponder more after attending a funeral this week. Or perhaps it's just a continuation of what God has already been whispering to my heart.

It's so easy to go through the motions when you've been home raising your children for most of your life. Life becomes daily humdrum in all respects. There tends not to be a lot of God's "all consuming passion inside of me", you know?

And yet....what if? What if you'd live your life giving everything with God's all consuming passion? What would your home life look like? What would the ministries you are involved in look like? And really, what do you have to lose?

It makes me think of the Bible studies I've been in over the past year and the life of Paul. He really lived with a single minded purpose and focus in his life. He was all about JESUS. He lived giving everything no matter what the cost and sacrifice. For Paul, it was all gain whether he went home to be with the Lord or he remained on this earth serving the Lord. The book of Philippians is all about his encouragement to press on toward the goal.

Just a few thoughts I'm pondering on this day.....

May life in your garden be more than motions!

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ValleyGirl said...

Oh, "just a few thoughts..." WOW. Those are some POWERFUL thoughts and convictions. Thank you so much for sharing them. This has been running around in my head and my heart a lot lately, too.

theArthurClan said...

I listen to a lot of Christian music Tammy and had never heard that song. I'm so glad you shared it with is now officially added to my playlist I listen to every day!

So very powerful.

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