Monday, May 18

simple woman's daybook for May 18

For today May 18th

Outside my's mostly sunny, very breezy, with a chance of showers later on today.

I am thinking.....about all I want to get done today and wondering where all the energy for the tasks will come from?

I am thankful for.....good health at the moment.

From the learning rooms.....our formal schooling for this school year will be finished up this week if all goes well.

From the kitchen.....
we had oatmeal breakfast baked in the oven this morning which is one of the kids' favorite recipes.

I am wearing.....
my exercise clothes from going to Curves this morning. My day is running way behind and I'll jump in the shower after I'm done typing this!

I am creating.....a fishing contest chart for the weekend ahead.

I am going.....
to get out to the garden today and check the rhubarb. Perhaps it's grown enough to cut and start baking some of our favorite recipes.

I am reading.....nothing in particular as life is keeping me too busy to linger over a book right now.

I am hoping.....a baby arrives before the weekend!

I am hearing.....
my girls chattering in the kitchen.

Around the house.....we are trying to get everything cleaned up and in order as an appraiser is scheduled to come this week.

One of my favorite things.....
is the lengthening of daylight!

A few plans for the rest of the adoption training session tomorrow, volunteering at the pregnancy center on Wednesday, women's Bible study, a house appraisal, attending a baby's birth (hopefully this week!), and getting together with family traveling home for a long weekend filled with traditions.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

We picked up this patriotic wind sock as we remember our son in basic training right now. Notice how we spring is just starting to come here. The trees are starting to bud which puts a red cast to the woods. Soon the green pine trees will be lost among the green of the woods. At least I hope it's soon!

If you enjoy reading daybooks or would like to participate yourself, please stop over at Peggy's Place

Enjoy this spring day in your garden!

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Mrs. C said...

Yay for summer vacation! We're finishing up this week, too.

mom said...

Okay, I'll agree with the YAY on vacation...the summer part may take a bit longer though! LOL!

Allison said...

Rhubarb! I'll have to see if I can grow that in my area. I used to love eating plain stalks of the stuff (though it is lovely in pies, too!)

mom said...

Allison, you brave girl! I don't think I could eat it's so tart!

theArthurClan said...

I just have to ask, what is a baked oatmeal breakfast? I think you need to share that recipe now Tammy. Sounds yum!

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