Thursday, May 28

two more signs of spring

Ohhhh, how I love watching the woods become greener each day as spring arrives more fully! The rains we've had over the last couple of days have really boosted the process along.

However, I've also noticed a couple other signs of spring which are common to the area where we live.

**The grays of spring - You know when May has arrived because slowly our population changes as the *snowbirds* flock back to the northern woods. They've enjoyed the warm southern breezes over the winter months and return hoping for spring to be fully alive when they arrive. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case this May as it's been rather cool. For those of us who live here year around, suddenly we find the roads busier, the grocery store lines longer, and life in general feels a little more crowded with seniors who move slower.

**The pickup trucks of spring - After my early morning walk as I was driving home from the high school, I noticed another spring phenomena common to our area. Pickup trucks all over the place with supplies for the day loaded in the back. Often the drivers will be flannel-shirted and bearded. Popular sighting spots are at gas stations where the men stand talking with a cup of coffee in their hands, at the local hardware store, or in the parking lot of cafes. Now that the long winter is over, the local contractors are busily back to work yet they always have time for some jawing. I should know as I live with one of those guys :-)

Any common uncommon signs of spring in your area?

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theArthurClan said...

After being away from blogging for a bit, it was a joy to stop by here Tammy!

I hope your home appraisal went wonderfully. Another way to begin noticing every cobweb and carpet stain is to host a big family get-together at your home. The minute they walked in, I began noticing EVERYTHING I had missed. Argh! :)

Your crabapple tree is gorgeous...what a beautiful sign of spring that is.

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