Tuesday, May 5

under or over paid?

Every time I've walked this school year at the local high school, the radio has NOT been on in the fieldhouse. The radio was always playing the couple of years before that, so I figured that perhaps there was a new janitor on the morning shift or something. No problem because I like quiet :-)

What a surprise to walk in this morning and hear "oldies" being played...."oldies" as in the music that I grew up with and am always shocked to really hear the lyrics. Yikes! But I digress....

They had a news blurb on about some online salary site that estimated what the average wage of a mother would be if you figured in all the various jobs she did as part of her "job".



Ummm, where do I go to collect? *wink*

Have a good day in your garden where the pay tends to be in kisses and hugs!

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

Wow, can you imagine?! Think of how many women would choose being a stay-at-home mom over a corporate career if we could somehow convince the government to pay us that much!!

Luke said...

I don't know, sometimes those kisses and hugs mean way more to me than the bucks I make. [smile]


mom said...

Ahhhhh, leave the government out of it, Tammi! LOL!

Luke, I just KNOW God has lots of hugs and kisses in your future when those children across the ocean land within your household!

Tammy ~@~

Letitia said...

Any end of year bonuses? : )
I can relate to the "oldies". Sometimes I hear a song I grew up loving and singing, start singing along, then suddenly think "YIKES! I don't remember it saying that!"

theArthurClan said...

Count me in too Tami! ;)

Our "real" pay is much more worth it though.

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