Friday, May 8

an unexpected find

Yesterday afternoon I had the usual errands to run in town - bank, post office, grocery store - but had one extra stop as we had a couple library books due that I needed to drop off. I was going to pull up and just drop them off at the outside slot, but the parking was all taken in that area, so I parked instead and walked the books in to the library. I easily dropped them off at the counter, turned around to walk out, and stopped immediately when I noticed a library cart by the door....Books for Sale. Fifty cents each or three for a dollar. There is not a single book lover in the world who can resist!

Within moments, I ran across a book that was a keeper! A book by one of my favorite people! SOLD! There were two children's books I picked up at the same time to get my three for a dollar deal. Such a smart shopper I am :-)

After I got home and sat down to scan through my treasured find, I smiled about God's timing for He gave me the perfect thing to read as lately I've been pondering this whole aging thing as I look in the mirror.

Tucking Ned in bed one night, I leaned down to kiss him good-night.

Looking closely at my face, a delighted smile spread over his.

"It looks like sunshine," he said.

"What looks like sunshine?" I asked

And his fingers gently touched the lines going out from the corners of my eyes.

With such an observation, how could anyone mind growing old?

~Ruth Bell Graham

May others see sunshine in your face each time you smile!

(After thinking about it today, I decided to come back here in case anyone misinterpreted my closing comment....NO, I am not wishing crow's feet on anyone! I think people's eyes shine when they smile even without those silly aging lines....)

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theArthurClan said...

What a sweet thing for her child to say to her!

I just posted a video on my blog of the day after Weston was born. He was sitting on my lap watching it with me, turned to me and said "Mama - you were so beautiful there!"

How I love those kiddos! :)

mom said...

Awww, isn't that just the sweetest thing for a little boy to say to his mama! :-) Guess you got a Mother's Day present early, Angie!

Tammy ~@~

Chris Worthy said...

How wonderful! Anne Graham Lotz was at our church last week. She has such an amazing gift. She is bringing her "Just Give Me Jesus" conference to our city next year and I can't wait. While she spoke kindly of her father, of course, it was clear that her mother was both mother and father to the children when Billy Graham was gone (much of the time). I am sure her babies, no matter what their age now, miss her dearly.

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