Friday, May 29

the waiting of spring

My garden of today looks much like the tilled garden of early spring. The only exception is that rich compost has been tilled into it a few times over the past month.

I wait.

Such an odd spring we've had this year. When will it get warm and stay warm? Someone told me that there's a chance of frost again this weekend. And with the full moon arriving late next week, again the possibilities of frost greatly increase.

I wait.

It's not like I can't find other things to do while it warms up outside. There's many tasks of spring cleaning to take care of as school wraps up for the year. Plus there's other yard tasks to work on in the meantime.

The first lawn mowing of the season will take place today as the task has been passed down from the youngest son to the oldest daughter at home. He'll be working more with my husband this summer and she has been waiting to earn money doing one of the rare paying jobs around here. I know I will never have to remind her to mow the lawn as visions of new clothing she wants to buy dance in her head!

I wait.

The seeds are here and ready in the gardening box. Perhaps I'll pick up the vegetable plants I need and put them in a slightly protected place where I can easily keep an eye on them. Soon we can do flowers, too, once the frost danger passes.

So while I wait, I'll continue on the "do the next thing" path. There's never a shortage of next things in this household!

May the times of waiting in your garden not find your hands idle!

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Letitia said...

It has been a rather cool May here in Tenn, also. We've had to bring in a plant several times at night. Grass, on the other's been cut at least 3 times, and is very overdue now. It won't quit raining long enough for my husband to cut it.
good for your daughter. Cutting grass is one thing mine never did. Of course, we live on the side of a steep hill, so the front is difficult for my husband to even do. Need to train the younger two one day to at least do the back!
I hope spring comes for you soon. I know you're looking forward to that garden.

mom said...

Aw, we could use some of your rain, Letitia, so please send it north! Our lake continues to have such a low water level. It's hard to even believe the water used to be way up under the deck. Now the end of the dock is almost out of water! YIKES!

Tammy ~@~

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